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Best Lightsabers In The Galaxy Far, Far Away: Ideal For Duelling

Best Lightsabers In The Galaxy Far, Far Away: Ideal For Duelling


Lightsabers are iconic artifacts from the Beloved space opera Saga. Star Wars is full of legendary blades; fans are emotionally and intellectually attached to many of these iconic scenes from Star Wars.

The question remains: What makes the best lightsabers for duelling? What sabers are perfect for duelling?

Let's understand this with a lot of insights and trivia regarding lightsabers. 

The Battle Between Neopixel & FX

Neopixel Lightsabers

Neopixel blades are a long strip of programmable LEDs. This feature is unlimited, with remarkable smooth colour changes, multi-colour combat, realistic flickering during clashes, and other visual effects.

  • Dueling Prowess

The smooth-out of Neopixel blades linearly contributes much more to realistic lightsaber combat. Precise detection of clashes provides more reactive duelling experiences.

  • Showmanship Potential

Neopixel blades can control colour, which is ideal for when you need to put on a dazzling show with your performance. Its ability to change colours and do effects is perfect for cosplay and demonstrations.

FX Lightsabers

FX lightsabers have a single, fixed-colour LED at the hilt. Though there is little visual variety, they often come with sound effects that activate either clash or movement.

  • Fighting for Yourself

The FX sabers will be more of a classic duelling lightsaber. Its affordability and durability features make it the best dual lightsaber for people just starting or who prioritize functionality over everything else. 

  • Duel Emphasis

With a simplified design, FX blades allow duelists to emphasize their technique and form.

The Call For Duelists

While the kyber crystal, hilt, and blade of the lightsaber are consistently the main design elements of the piece, progressively, with each technological leap forward, entire universes are opening up to the duelists. 

Some are relatively popular at this point:

  1. Classic Lightsabers: These are ideal for beginners or those who simply want the traditional feel of lightsabers.
  1. Heavy Dueling Lightsabers: Built with heavy dueling in mind. This blade is created using heavy-grade polycarbonate, while the hilt is made of reinforced metal. Indeed, it will stand any kind of test. 

NOTE: These lightsabers lack the benefits of Neopixel blades, but most heavy-duelling sabers come into their own when used in sparring and club environments where clashes are common.

Make Your Lightsaber: Build the Perfect Blade

One of the great things about modern lightsabers is that most vendors sell them with hilts of various designs made from multiple materials, which leaves you open to design your lightsaber in your style.

Here are a few more things to consider as you build your duelling lightsaber:

A. Sound Fonts:

Most lightsabers can take an upload of different sound fonts. These electronic recordings let you hear the signature hum and clash noises unique to your blade. Some sound fonts include classic movie sounds, video game effects, or even your custom-designed one.

B. Blade Length and Style:

Like any sword, so much of a lightsaber blade's length and styling can influence your duelling style. Of course, the longer will give you extended reach.

C. Weathering:

Pre-weathered hilts are also available from suppliers if you would like a more "lived-in" feel, which will surely give that battle-scarred look to your lightsaber.

Find Your Form: Lightsaber Technology and Combat Styles

The best duel lightsabers depend on your choice of combat form. Here are some ways in which the various duelling approaches can complement the different technologies we discussed:

  • Duellist Showmanship

If you like to play more offensively—using flourishes and spins of your blade - a Neopixel blade, with its smooth colour-changing effects, can help further elevate and emphasize your performance. 

  • Defensive Duelists

A classic or FX lightsaber with a robust hilt and sound effects for a partner in dodging the attacks and making clean counter-blows.

Lightsaber Enthusiasts: Picking a Blade

Across the Star Wars saga, lightsaber combat is so much more than two individuals waving a glowing sword at each other. What a Jedi or a Sith practised to gain mastery over specific techniques was practised through their knowledge of lightsaber forms, and each has its strengths and weaknesses. 

So when you're picking out the best lightsaber for duelling, this is probably one good idea to think of: remember your preferred form in advance.

Conclusion: The Duelist is Chosen by The Lightsaber

The best duel lightsaber for you will ultimately be the one that feels like an extension of yourself. Consider your combat style, preferred lightsaber form, and the level of customization available with many options available at ARTSABERS to build a lightsaber that reflects your passion for Star Wars and allows you to dominate in the duelling arena.

This is your lightsaber, the powerful tool ready to be used, much like you are with the Force. Choose wisely; train hard, and may the glow of your blade light the way for you to become a master duelist.

May the Force be With You!

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